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2560 Nidau


«The first moment I met you I felt home. You have such a kind loving spirit and are just so non judgmental. I felt safe just to be me. You encouraged me to see my power and the git that already lies within me and that I just have to believe in myself and spread my wings. (Literally as my second wing was chosen to be healed). You helped me free myself from the chains of my past (especially ma family template) which so far no one has been able to help me break. Im truly thankful for that because I am finally on the road of truly healing myself. You have confirmed everything other healers and seers have told me, that shows me how truly connected and authentic you are. I love your zest for life! And how you see magic everywhere! You gave me so many tips on how to add magic into my life! It was such a blessing to have you come into my home and to have you look into my soul! Thank you for seeing my magic and encouraging me to keep believing in myself and especially in my magical healing hands. Much love to you! And thank you again fro the bottom of my heart!!»